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Limited Alloa Turban Hat

Limited Alloa Turban Hat

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Care Guide

To care for your woollen garments, hand-washing is recommended over dry cleaning.

Use liquid hand soap, not regular detergent, in lukewarm water for a 5-minute soak. Gently squeeze, don't rub, the garment.

Rinse in warm water with a bit of almond oil for fragrance and wool restoration.

Afterward, roll the damp garment in a towel to remove excess water, reshape, and dry it flat on a clean towel, away from direct heat sources.

Ensure the garment is completely dry before storing it.

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This product is part of the Limited Alloa styles. These colours are no longer being knitted.

A stylish and elegant alternative from a beanie hat, our Alloa Turban headband keeps your ears and head warm in a chilly wind. With a beautifully colour blended Fairisle pattern and designed to match other accessories in the Alloa collection.

Made in Scotland with super-soft 100% Merino wool.

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Alloa Turban hat Tumeric

I now have two of these but I don't wear them as a hat ! I wear them always round my neck. They are warm, neat and never get in the way as a scarf sometimes does. They take the place of a necklace too. My only other comment on my latest delivery is about the cost of postage. Melrose to Hertfordshire, where I live, cost £8! This almost negated the offer price but I ordered anyway. But it does seem a bit of high price for the postal cost of such a lightweight item.

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