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Herd Raglan Sweater

Herd Raglan Sweater

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Care Guide

To care for your woollen garments, hand-washing is recommended over dry cleaning.

Use liquid hand soap, not regular detergent, in lukewarm water for a 5-minute soak. Gently squeeze, don't rub, the garment.

Rinse in warm water with a bit of almond oil for fragrance and wool restoration.

Afterward, roll the damp garment in a towel to remove excess water, reshape, and dry it flat on a clean towel, away from direct heat sources.

Ensure the garment is completely dry before storing it.

Find out more about Knitwear care, here.

Designed for both men and women, this contemporary and simple artisan design has 2 large pockets and an easy turtle neck that can be rolled outside, inside or left up. Large double knitted hems at the cuff and bottom add extra durability. On each shoulder we have a knitted diamond shape in the style of Guernsey handknits.
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