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Ecology Crew Neck Vest

Ecology Crew Neck Vest

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Care Guide

To care for your woollen garments, hand-washing is recommended over dry cleaning.

Use liquid hand soap, not regular detergent, in lukewarm water for a 5-minute soak. Gently squeeze, don't rub, the garment.

Rinse in warm water with a bit of almond oil for fragrance and wool restoration.

Afterward, roll the damp garment in a towel to remove excess water, reshape, and dry it flat on a clean towel, away from direct heat sources.

Ensure the garment is completely dry before storing it.

Find out more about Knitwear care, here.

A versatile vest made from 100% British Wool. The handle is course, but the comfort, warmth, and longevity is so worth it. A real artisan garment to wear over dresses or shirts. For both men and women. Women should wear one size smaller with this garment.

Made in Scotland. 

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