Timeless Tiverton

Timeless Tiverton

In this shop focus we feature our wonderful stockist ‘Timeless Tiverton’ based in Devon, England. Sandra tells her story.


Originally from Latvia, Sandra first moved here in 2002 to be with her partner and started her business with importing jewellery and crafts. She slowly began to introduce yarns and knitwear which is innkeeping with Latvias rich craft traditions. When you visit Timeless, you'll find a delightful selection of soft natural yarns, knitting inspirations from European suppliers, selected vintage finds and ready-to-wear knitwear pieces from trusted brands, with ERIBÉ being one of the main suppliers.

We asked Sandra a couple of questions on why she chose ERIBÉ and this is what she had to say:


Why Choose ERIBÉ?

A few years ago, I was lucky to discover ERIBÉ knitwear and become one of their proud stockists. ERIBÉ's styles, quality, and ethos immediately resonated with me. What appealed most were the values behind the brand. Working with like-minded suppliers is crucial to me, and ERIBÉ has always been on the same wavelength. They are responsive to customer demands, incredibly creative, and committed to creating real quality products that last a lifetime. Another key factor is their use of natural fibres. Most of their ranges are made in Scotland using British wool, perfectly aligning with my commitment to quality and sustainability.

What Do You Like About the Brand?

As a bit of a colour addict, one of my favourite aspects of ERIBÉ is their vibrant colour palette. Every season, they surprise me with a wonderful array of colours that suit every style. The biggest challenge is deciding which colours to stock! Another thing I like about ERIBÉ is that they are real people making a genuine product. They answer phone calls, discuss ideas, and are always available to talk. This personal touch and feeling of trust are incredibly important when working with a supplier.

What’s Your Favourite Style for ERIBÉ AW’24?

For 2024, my favourite style from ERIBÉ is the new Stobo cardigans. The colour Rosa is just fabulous! I love the playful stripes, bright colour combinations, and overall cheerfulness of the design. The play of stripes and Fair Isle patterns in the Stobo range brings a sense of joy and liveliness that is hard to resist. However, there's a close second fighting for the top spot—the new Kinross waistcoats—so watch this space!

Do Your Customers Have Feedback On ERIBÉ?

It's not just me who loves the colours—my customers do too! I've cultivated a customer base that is as addicted to colour as I am. When they try on ERIBÉ knitwear, their first words are often, "Wow, what a fabulous colour!" It's crucial to offer a product that makes customers happy, and ERIBÉ does just that. It brings joy to those who wear it, and that's what makes me a happy shopkeeper.


Thank you Sandra for your loyalty and enthusiasm towards working with ERIBÉ.

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