Spotlight on Yarn: Geelong Lambswool

Spotlight on Yarn: Geelong Lambswool



• Superfine Geelong Lambswool is 100% natural

• Can compare the warmth and soft handle to cashmere

• The yarn is from the large version of the Merino Sheep found in Geelong, Australia

• The finest micron lambswool averaging 19.5



• Comfortable

• Warm

• Lightweight

• Non-allergenic

• Breathable

• Does not produce static electricity



Geelong Lambswool, is often described as the softest lambswool in the world! Today, the world is re-discovering this beautiful fibre which was incredibly popular in the 1940 - 1960s.

Each breed of sheep has different fibre qualities according to the area they live in. This is due to the climate, the grass they eat and the years of different cross breeding. Superfine Geelong lambswool is produced from the large species of Merino sheep in Geelong, a county in Australia.

Superfine Geelong Lambswool has a much shorter fibre and it is woollen spun, very different from Worsted Merino wools. It is bulkier and softer in appearance, which is created by a particular spinning technique that involves carding the raw fibres so that they criss-cross one another. Meaning that the yarn is able to trap more air giving you more warmth with lighter weight. Geelong lambswool is woollen spun, very different from worsted merino wool. The fibres criss-cross one another giving a bulkier and softer appearance.

The yarn is taken from the first shear of seven month old lambs. Then, the fibres are separated and sorted by length and fineness of micron before spinning (the finer the micron, the softer the fibre).

Comparable to cashmere for its warmth and soft handle, Superfine Geelong Lambswool is an elegant, comfortable and practical yarn.


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