ERIBÉ x British Wool - Highland Show 2023

British wool, renowned for its exceptional quality and ethical practices, has become a symbol of conscious craftsmanship. Recently, we attended the Highland Show. Here, ERIBÉ Knitwear showcased our stunning Ecology Collection in association with British Wool Certification.
Unveiling British Wool's Heritage:
From British farms to the fashion industry, this fibre carries a legacy of animal welfare and environmental responsibility. The British Wool mark guarantees traceability and transparency throughout our supply chain. We place enormous importance on transparency in our sourcing practices. We proudly display the mark as evidence of our unwavering dedication to British wool in our garments. We foster transparency in our production and supply chain. We want you, the wearer, to feel confident knowing you are investing in authentic high-quality garments.
We wholeheartedly believe in the inherent value of British Wool. We remain steadfast in our commitment to actively support British farming and the British wool industry. We feel a sense of connection to British Wool's commitment to slow fashion.
The Highland Show: A Sustainable Showcase
Stepping into the Highland Show, we were surrounded by sustainability and agriculture. Our Ecology Collection, crafted with British wool, showcased the natural beauty and resilience of this eco-friendly fiber. We were featured in the Flock to Fashion show hosted by British Wool.

Graham Clark, Marketing Director at British Wool, said: 
“The fashion show is a chance for us to highlight Britain’s rich textile heritage and the timeless appeal of British wool. It’s a brilliant opportunity to bring together iconic Scottish brands – from the traditional elegance of Harris Tweed® to the contemporary pieces from Eribé Knitwear, as well as other British brands such as PeregrineGlencroft, and Aubin. It’s an event not to be missed. 
“We’re thrilled to have members of the public that have strong links to farming take to the runway as our models. It infuses the show with a genuine connection to the heritage of wool and the industry, something that we aim to champion. 
“We’ll also have some exclusive show offers for visitors to shop the brands and support local British farmers in the process.” 
Embracing our Role in Sustainable Style:
British Wool is a symbol of quality and responsible sourcing. Let's continue to embrace our role in promoting sustainable style and work towards a future where fashion and sustainability coexist harmoniously.
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