De La Luce

De La Luce

Within the Old town of Montpellier, in the South of France, the unique shop De La Luce is a jewel which is treasured by its patrons.

The creator, Olivier Bardou, was initially a contemporary jewellery creator but in 2005 he opened a temple of artisan designers set within the vaults of stones dating back to the XVIIth century.


The name ‘De la Luce’, comes from the Italian word, ‘Luce’ for light, inspired by the atmosphere and light that he brings upon pieces by marrying them together in a creative way. Olivier Bardou told us: “We intermingle Eribé with brands such as Comme de Garcon (Japan), Sofie d’Hoore (Belgium), and other creators from PAP (private individuals)” Olivier Bardou continues, “I finding a style by working with your cherished materials, uniting the colours and patterns whilst eliminating preconceived ideas, not banning anything… We order and then build our silhouette according to our will” Oliver loves natural materials including leather, wool and silk, sourced from Scandinavia, Japan, Italy and of course Scotland. De la Luce has now become one of Montpellier’s destination fashion stores and was featured in the Fall 2013 Montpellier stage of Design Tour. The customer who frequent this store expressed their passion for De La Luce with us: “Oliver is a unique salesman passionate about what he sells.” “Very nice place sober and refined” “A haven of visual delicacy” Eribé products merge into this rare style of this shop for clients who appreciates uncommon and exclusive goods. We are proud that Eribe designs are loved and are presented by such an inventive creator.




De La Luce 2, rue Saint-Côme, Montpellier France Tel: +33 (0)4 67 06 90 75

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