Spotlight on Yarn: Angora

Spotlight on Yarn: Angora



• Angora yarn is a 100% natural product from Angora Rabbits

• Soft, silky and lightweight

• Hand-combed to ensure animal is healthy and happy

• Fibre is 12 - 16 microns



• Soft & Silk

• Fluffy

• Extremely lightweight

• Warmth



The Angora rabbit is a variety of the Old World domestic rabbit and one of the oldest types. It originated in Ankara (historically known as Angora), Turkey, along with the Angora cat and Angora goat. They became popular in mid-18th century Turkey, and by the end of the century they had spread to all of Europe. Now Angora rabbits are mostly found in Asia and Europe.

A special characteristic of Angora rabbits is that the active phase of hair growth is double that of normal rabbits. Due to hollow core, Angora fibre is warmer and lighter than most yarns. It is also a thin fibre, measuring between 12 and 16 microns in diameter. This hollow core and thinness means that Angora is not naturally elastic like most wools. Harvested 3 times a year, Angora wool is very soft to the touch, thanks to the low relief of its cuticle scales. The hairs are light, absorb water well and are easily dyed.

Eco-conscious living and sustainability is at the heart of everything ERIBÉ does. For over 10 years, we have sourced our Angora yarn from Filati Biagioli Modesto, a reputable Italian yarn company with over 95 years’ experience.

They have assured us that their angora yarn is spun from fibres collected by hand-combing the rabbit's fur. This traditional technique does not cause the rabbits any suffering or pain and is vital to keep them healthy.

The end result is the finest quality angora that has been humanely gathered. You can find this beautiful and ethical angora in our most popular style, the exquisite Ski Fairisle Yoke Cardigan (as seen above).


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