Part 2: How to wear the right shade for you

Part 2: How to wear the right shade for you

Welcome to Part 2 in our How to Wear series. Why not go back and read Part 1: How to wear AW14's new colour trends

If you subscribe to our newsletters you know that the ERIBÉ team are currently working on colourways for our special hand-knit sweaters that will be ready in time for the holiday season. We love designing for real people here at ERIBÉ and a few days ago Rosemary Eribé reached out to ask you what you find challenging about wearing colour. Thank you for all your comments! 

You said that knowing which shade was right for you was the most challenging thing.

ERIBÉ are considered colour experts in the knitwear industry, each season we release our styles in a variety of colourways allowing you to find the right one to match your complexion. To help you select the right colour for you we've put together this quick guide based on what season your complexion is.  

1. Spring Tones

Spring complexions have peachy or creamy white undertones. Spring people will generally have blonde or strawberry-blonde hair colour with blue or green eyes. You will suit the dusky pinks and purples, greys and creams of our Wisp colourway like our Forest Beanie.

2. Summer Tones

Summer skin tones have blue or pink undertones. You will have pale or pink skin, and are often a natural blondes or brunettes with pale eyes. Summer people suit the lively vibrant pinks, greens and blues of our Pixie palette like our Forest Fingerless Gloves.

3. Autumn Tones

Autumn skin tones have golden undertones. You will have warm undertones, possibly olive skin; generally you will be a redhead or brunette with dark eyes. Autumn people suit the rich tones browns, reds and sumptuous purples of our Folk colourway like our Forest Fair Isle Scarf

4. Winter Tones

Winter skin tones have golden undertones. You will have olive skin, Asian or African-Caribbean heritage; generally your natural hair colour will be dark brown to black with dark eyes. Winter people suit dark but warm colours plums, navys and greys of our Munro Darks colourway. They also suit really bright colours like primary reds and blues in our Harmony Gloves


Of course, you might fall into more than one category, so have fun mixing palettes to see what works for you. Use this guide as the building blocks and experiment from there. 


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