When you come across something special, something genuine, a good thing that deserves a special place in the daily lives of all of us, you know that feeling of quiet anticipation. It is the beginning of a lifelong relationship with a piece that has the innate quality to change a daily routine into something special or joyful.


Manufactum, a German retailer since 1987 is on the lookout for remarkable pieces stemming from all areas of life. Following the saying, you will enrich your (working) life immeasurably if you approach it with the attitude of a discoverer, Manufactum is curating by now a selection of 8,500 products, with 5,000 items available in the UK. Manufactum told us, sustainable production, high-quality materials, innovative and traditional craftsmanship are some of the important criteria they are working with to create their selection. “When we discovered the knitwear of Rosemary Eribé”, Manufactum recently revealed, “we realised immediately how the stunning designs effortlessly bridge the gap between traditional handicrafts and the contemporary. When we learned that the quality of Eribé Knitwear was exceptional, too, and enjoys a well-deserved reputation, it was an easy decision to get in contact.” And a longstanding, productive collaboration with Eribé came into being.


Rosemary Eribé, company founder, enjoys the close working relationship with Manufactum which has been built up over more than 20 years of working together. Her fluent spoken German and forward thinking approach on design solutions to suit the Manufactum customers, ensures a mutually successful collaboration. Rosy brought the craft of hand knitting to store and enjoyed talking and meeting with Manufactum customers and sharing the Eribé story.


With nine department stores to choose from, make sure to add this very select store to your hit list should you be visiting Germany. To see Eribé at Manufactum visit

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