Judith Glue

Judith Glue

“Judith started her own business in Orkney when she was 18 years old, originally making her own leather work and then designing knitwear; Though she is a woman of many talents, she is mostly known for designing her very own Orkney knitwear collection. “ Becca.

This year she has extended her impressive business portfolio to include ‘The Store House Restaurant with rooms’ which she has newly opened with her husband and business partner David.

The Store House Restaurant is featured within a B listed building on Bridge Street Wyn in Kirkwall. The building was given priority status in 2013, to help preserve aspects of the buildings history. Since 2014 Judith and David have worked tirelessly to transform and design this well-loved local building into a stylish restaurant with eight luxurious bedrooms. The conversion has maintained many of the buildings original character nevertheless there are many examples of Judith's keen eye for design and function.


After being built in 1880 the building has served an array of trades, specifically a print works run by the local stationers the Leonards family, whom later inspired Judith and David to name the new restaurant ''The Leonard's'' as a tribute to the previous owners.

There is also a private dining area called 'Aurora Borealis' which translates to means ‘The Northern Lights' and a front casual sitting and drinking area with small retail shop called "The Silver Darlings" - the old name for the many women who worked as the herring Gutters during the height of the local herring fishing industry, where the building was built to serve to cold store goods.


“Judith has been dedicated stockist for Eribé knitwear for many years and she has always loved their vibrant and colourful patterns, she appreciates the company's eye for design, detail and quality. She also admires their compassion for the textile industry and the work Rosemary does to help to keep the dying art of knitting alive.

When Judith spotted the distinct and eye-catching colours that Eribé were using in their new collection of interior textiles, she knew that the throws and cushions would perfectly accessorize the bedroom interiors at The Store House and give the luxury rooms those heartening finishing touches.

Judith is also very pleased to be one of Eribé’s go to stockist in her retail outlets both in Orkney and Inverness. With the Eribé new 2018 collection on its way to her stores this month, the business has no sign of slowing down.


www.judithglue.com & www.thestorehouserestaurantwithrooms.co.uk

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