De Wandelwinkel

De Wandelwinkel

Welcome to our brand new blog series Shop focus, where we put the spotlight on the wonderful and varied retailers we sell to. In this initial post, we will look a bit closer on one of our European stockists...

Our very dear Dutch stockist De Wandelwinkel, meaning “the walking shop”, is passionate about the great outdoors, and stocks maps, books, hiking guides and woolly sweaters. The shop is situated in the beautiful old town of Deventer, and has been running for over 30 years. Their great selection of wool garments comes from local producers across North-West Europe, from Norwegian fisherman sweaters to Scottish fair-isle designs, and that’s where Eribe comes in. De Wandelwinkel’s customers love to explore nature by hiking and camping, so we can only imagine the adventures our fair-isle clothes have been on, always keeping the wearer warm and cosy.


Barend, the store owner kindly shared his thoughts on our products with us, which we were very happy to receive and would like to share with you… “Eribé amazes me every time about the wonderful mix between contemporary and tradition in their styles. The matching colours, the stitching and the right use of the materials are very striking and extraordinary. Every garment has exactly the right colours next to each other which gives it their overall outstanding look. And of course Eribé and their customers love wool for many good reasons. You could call it the Slow Clothing Connection. Favourite sweater? Actually they are all very much favourite. The College Fair Isle sweater in Oatmeal gave me the brightest feeling last winter. I think Eribé is not just knitwear, they make unique pieces of wearable art. I'm sure it will bring the feeling of happiness to our customers wearing woollen garments of Eribé.” Pop over to their website here:

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