We are reducing our carbon footprint several steps at a time...

A sense of environmental responsibility has been at the forefront of the ERIBÉ brand from the very beginning. Great attention is paid to everyone involved in our supply chain. Not only are our suppliers and manufacturing partners chosen for their high environmental and ethical standards, but we are constantly seeking to improve our sustainability practices and recently carried out a Net Zero report to help us achieve our environmental goals.

These are just some of the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact across all areas of the business:

  • We use only 100% natural wool
    yarn which breaks down into its component parts at the end of its life and can even be composted.
    The many unique properties of
    natural wool make it one of the
    best sustainable fibres:

    • 100% Natural
    • Biodegradable
    • Renewable and Sustainable
    • Strong and Durable
    • Low Carbon Impact
    • Recyclable

  • We use green energy produced by solar panels to power our factory. Our state-of-the-art washing machines use minimal water and soft Scottish water reduces the amount of chemicals required. The high spin cycle has reduced drying time. Faulty garments are mended wherever possible to prevent re-making.

  • We use pins and cotton strings to attach swing tags rather than plastic kimbles. We have replaced our plastic garment bags with biodegradable bags made from wood pulp. We re-use the boxes that our raw materials are delivered in. They go back and forward many times and are falling apart before we discard them!

  • We only make to order for our
    wholesale customers – this way no excess is produced that then has to be sold off cheaply or sent to landfill. Knitting is much kinder than cut & sew in woven fabrics – almost all the raw material is used as each garment panel is knitted to size, leaving no waste.

  • Faulty panels are either re-wound back into yarn for knitting or are sold cheaply to a local small business who uses them to make colourful dog coats! We use surplus yarn and discontinued colours to make scarves and garments. These are sold at a discounted price or given to charities.

  • Our timeless knitwear is designed to outlast short-lived fashion trends. We choose to create only one collection per year and we carefully build on proven designs with new colours and only add new styles we know our customers will love. Everything, from our yarn to our buttons and trimmings, are chosen to have as little impact on the planetas possible.