ERIBÉ Knitwear is an award-winning knitwear design house and manufacturer based in Melrose, Scotland. Established in 1986, we started out as a cottage industry and have since gone global with our innovative spins on traditional Scottish knitwear. We love sustainability and champion natural yarns, quality craftsmanship and eco-conscious living.

Like a wonderful extended family, ERIBÉ is all about the people involved — our design and sales team, our hand-knitters, mills, suppliers, agents, buyers and you, our brilliant customers.

We value every single person involved in our story and love hearing from our customers — you’ve helped us develop a diverse range of knitwear suited to all body shapes, skin tones and cultures. Discover knitwear you’ll love right here.



Building on over 200 years of tradition, ERIBÉ are re-visiting the past and retracing the footsteps of our ancestors.... ERIBÉ have always championed ‘Made in Scotland’ and it is with great pride that we introduce “Woolly Towers” - our knitwear factory based here in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders, an area with a worldwide reputation for excellence in knitwear production that goes back hundreds of years.


From the very beginning, ERIBÉ has been mindful of the environment, choosing to use the best ecological natural yarns and promoting sustainable fashion with every collection. Our colourful knitwear never goes out of fashion and in a world of throw-away clothing, this is slow fashion at its very best. Quality is at the heart of what we do and our knitwear is made to last. It is now more important than ever to consider the environment in the choices we make.


Eribe are well known for putting a contemporary spin on traditional knitwear with a focus on colour and design. Our collections are available in an impressive range of colourways taking into account the four skin tone groups in order to have a well balanced choice of colours to suit everyone. The individual and intricate designs and colourways take months to design and really show off the skill of the designer.


By switching to quality natural fibres, you can help us on our mission to help keep plastic microfibres out of our oceans and food supply. Wool is 100% biodegradable in both soil and sea water and has many unique properties that benefit both the environment and you, the wearer.


Customers visiting us last summer were so grateful to be welcomed back into a shop other than a supermarket. I got a strong sense from so many, that this was, amongst other things, something which ladies especially have really missed. There is something very tangible about being able to see an item “in the flesh” as opposed to on a screen. Particularly of note was the way in which customers of all ages were drawn to our Jellycat soft toys - with their cute smiley faces - and just so huggable. Many adults purchased from this range for themselves so they had “something to hug”. This also translated across to ERIBÉ knitwear - again just so tactile. Ladies were drawn initially to the cheerful colours - and I’m sure the Fairisle pattern could be construed as a smile! The inevitable need to feel that softness and to then try it on would bring such a smile from the wearer. Eribe just makes you feel loved! We have all been missing that hug from a friend or loved one recently - something we previously took for granted. On a personal note, wearing Eribe makes me feel good about myself - it’s a friendly and forgiving face in my wardrobe which is easy to feel hugged in!

Sue, Blacketts Bamburgh


Julie Baird

'Unlike so many jumpers, the Alpine sleeves are long enough to properly cover my wrists/hands when it's cold.'

Facebook Customer

'We realised immediately how stunning designs effortlessly bridge the gap between traditional handicrafts and the contemporary. When we learned that the quality of Eribé Knitwear was exceptional too, and enjoys well-deserved reputation, it was an easy decision to get in contact.'

Manufactum Germany

'The colours and patterns are beautiful, I will cherish my Alpine sweater for years to come.'

Happy Customer

'The product of Eribé Knitwear impressed us with their charming colours and varied patterns. Our customers appreciate the fact, that the hand knitted pullovers are produced in Scotland.'

Frauenschuh Austria

What a lovely product and most suited to Scarlet Jones. This is a beautiful shop is so obviously a good match for ERIBÉ. Beautiful work!

Janet Oliver, Melbourne

Thank you so much for the dress which I received yesterday. I am delighted. I’m always on the lookout for colourful knitwear, particularly a dress to see me through the cooler months. Love the fact you have made this dress with long sleeves… I will be back

Yvonne Charlett

Today I received a long anticipated parcel… a beautiful alpine sweater in old rose. It fits fantastic and feels awesome. Thank you to the team for your craftsmanship. I honestly don’t think it will be my last purchase!

Kara Walley

I love the two cardigans, of course , and they are very very pretty !! Many thanks for your good service J and lovely creations

Myriam from Belgium

My dearly beloveds... they go 'everywhere' with me. They have been up 15 Munros this year and have been on many a night out. I even wear them when doing my savasana at yoga! You could say that they have become my second skin.

Lesley from Glasgow

My cardie has arrived and is absolutely beautiful and perfect! Thank you for your friendly and efficient service. It was greatly appreciated.

Liz from Aberdeen

I am bowled over by the scarf in the picture. It's probably the most beautiful scarf I've ever seen (in 61+ years of living).

Susan from Virginia

This dress and cardigan were made for each other. The dress is comfortable, understated and so suited to my creative, country life. And the cardigan is steeped in years and years of traditional, Scottish, Fair Isle knitting but with a truly modern twist. And with its slightly cropped styling it is so flattering with a dress or skirt. What’s also so amazing is that because of the clever use of colour, these knits suit every skin tone. I am wearing colours now which I have NEVER worn before. And I am loving it!

Karen B