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Meet Our Knitters

Every now and again we invite all our handknitters and loyal fans to celebrate the Art of knitting with ERIBÉ. In 2012, we invited our hand-knitters from up and down the country to come together to celebrate 25 years of ERIBÉ being in business! It was heart-warming to find out how much they enjoyed knitting our garments and accessories. Enjoy our mini-video of the event:

Our hand-knitters lovingly craft these pieces by hand, using either two or four knitting needles. This makes each piece truly unique! Lots of our hand-knitters knit simply for the pure joy of it. “To hand-knit something, I get enjoyment from it and if somebody likes to buy it and wear it, it makes me feel good!” says Val Hamilton from Glasgow.

By the time your hand-knit pieces reach you they will have had a very rich and varied life. From village fêtes to WI meetings, church services to their living room. Each hand-knitted garment takes shape in many different locations as our hand-knitters often use their skills wherever, and whenever they can. This infuses each hand-knit garment with the love, laughter and warmth of these knitters’ lives.

Many of our ladies have been knitting since childhood and their zeal for knitting shows in the beautiful patterns and the detail they work into our garments. Some of our pieces can take up to a staggering 90 hours to make just one single style.

Mrs Margaret MacIntyre aged 72, from a village on the Isle of Lewis, is one of ERIBÉ knitters. “I love knitting, I knit all the time” she says. In fact, she’s been knitting ever since she was a small child. “It was part of the culture of long, dark evenings – we lived in a wee village in the country, and we all knitted alongside our mothers.”

Another ERIBÉ knitter, Ann Percy, explains how her skill was passed down through the family generations: “I come from a family of knitters. My father and his brother were taught to knit their own socks. I’ve been knitting since I was three, because my gran and great-gran did the socks and gloves and scarves for soldiers, sailors and airmen.”