Ecology Knitwear

  • Shetland Wool is 100% natural and undyed, offering a wide range of natural colours
  • Genuinely knitted from Shetland sheep (most Shetland wool is from a mix of breeds) 
  • Shetland sheep live on the Shetland Islands, North of Scotland and are the smallest sheep breed
  • The wool coats of Shetland sheep allow them to withstand the often harsh and varied climate 
  • The sheep roam free, often eating seaweed from the shores
  • The wool is spun and then knitted on the Shetland Islands using local companies that have been working with us for 20 + years.
  • Hard-wearing
  • Light shower proof
  • Light-weight
  • Unisex shape
  • Comfortable
  • Wind-proof
  • Warm
  • Breathable
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Healthy

Do you know what it is like to be truly warm in winter?

Sure, all snuggled up by the roaring fire, but what about if you were off on a countryside walk or doing some much needed pruning in your garden? If you live the outdoors life, or want to keep your heating bills down you need our Ecology collection.

Ecology garments are great for when the temperature dips because they are knitted from 100% genuine Shetland wool. Extremely warming, whilst still being light-weight, Shetland wool regulates your body temperature by drawing moisture away from your body and letting your skin breathe. Unlike acrylic wool, Shetland wool is also lightly drizzle proof, as the water just beads on top and runs off.

Rosemary Eribé, our MD & Founder, regularly live in their Ecology garments whilst at home, walking the dog or hill-walking. Even TV star Monty Don was spotted on BBC Gardeners' World TV show wearing one of our Ecology styles.The reason that Shetland wool is perfect for the outdoors is due to its inherent properties and wrapped up in the story of Shetland wool is the story of the island itself. The people that inhabit these islands are mostly crofters. It is a traditional but harsh lifestyle, made bearable by co-operating with one’s neighbours and being part of the strong community.

At shearing time everyone gets together to clip the flock. The sheep’s fleeces are then carded and spun before being delivered to our partner to be knitted in his mill. Shetland sheep produce wool that amazingly comes in eleven different natural colours; ranging from pale tones through to greys, browns and darker shades. With so many colours to choose from, there is no need to use chemical dyes. Each Ecology garment has a low carbon footprint because the whole process from sheep to garment is based in Shetland, Scotland. ERIBÉ recognised the need for an environmentally-friendly range of knitted garments. Since 1994, we have been producing our award-winning Ecology collection and it is a range of heritage garments in classic shapes that will have a place in your wardrobe year after year. This range is inspired by the scenery of Scotland and our own personal love of nature.

Think about it. If their wool can keep the Shetland sheep warm in hail, wind and rain then it will do the same for you too!