Wool is a natural fibre. It has evolved to produce a fabric that has become one of the most effective natural forms of all-weather protection known to man. Every year sheep produce a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source. Woolgrowers actively work to improve efficiency and care for natural resources, endeavouring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.



His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is a committed environmentalist. He recognises the plight sheep farmers were facing around the world in the face of plummeting wool prices convened experts from across the agricultural, wool textile and retail sectors to reverse the trend towards petro-chemical fibres. His Royal Highness is now the global patron of The Campaign for Wool and remains actively involved in spreading the message that wool is a precious natural, renewable and biodegradable resource that offers many technical and ecological benefits.


In 2011, the Wool Modern exhibition was launched and opened by HRH the Prince of Wales, showcasing the very best in fashion and design in wool. Wool Modern featured the work of seminal designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.


As part of Wool Tour, the campaign team took a visit to our workshop in Galashiels. We would like to thank them for the time they spent with us at ERIBÉ.

"Eribé knitwear has used the finest quality Shetland and British wool along with Geelong Merino throughout the past 30 years and credits it as a key element in the success of their range."

Eribé has an integrity of both process and design. Rosemary Eribé said, "We are not fast fashion so the first sale is the hardest but we find once we make that sale then people continue to come back. Our knitwear is an investment not a cost and like most investments it will get better with age.”


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Imagine never feeling the cold again! Imagine feeling comfortable while still looking smart!

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