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ERIBÉ love to support emerging talent from the UK and abroad, which is why we offer structured placements for students as part of their College/University courses. Our students gather in-depth knowledge of the knitwear industry, everything from knitting technique, production, marketing and business. Check for available work placements. You can read what previous interns had to say about their time with us...

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Emma Boyd-Madsen

Emma Boyd-Madsen: Hand-Knit Production Intern

Studying: BA Hons Textile Design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
Work Placement: July - Sept 2015

I had a very rewarding and valuable experience at ERIBÉ . Being part of the warm and understanding production team gave me the opportunity to see and understand all aspects of the design process. My tasks included pressing, labelling and bagging garments as well as winding yarn to go to ERIBÉ ’s hand knitters and fixing and seaming garments. This was something that I really benefited from because I had to closely inspect pieces and sometimes take them apart which helped me gain confidence in my understanding of knitting. I also was given the opportunity to be part of a knitting event at the National Museum where were teaching people how to knit which also gave me new confidence as it was something out of my usual comfort zone. Overall, my time working at ERIBÉ has been really important for me when starting out in the industry.

Sandra C Taylor

Sandra C Taylor: Hand-Knit Production Intern

Studying: BA Hons Textile Design, Heriot-Watt Univeristy, Galashiels Campus
Work Placement: June - August 2015

From the very first day I was made to feel part of the ERIBÉ team. Everyone pitches in with all the work and it's not a case of menial tasks to the interns. The practical skills I have learned during my time here will be hugely beneficial in my honours year and for my future career. It was a privilege to be involved in the production of such quality garments. I would highly recommend applying for a placement here for anyone with an interest in the high-end hand-knit industry. I don't think my summer could have been more productive!      

Elanor Gourlay

Elanor Gourlay: Hand-Knit Production Intern

Studying: Design for Textiles: Knitwear, Heriot Watt University, Galashiels Campus
Work Placement: June - August 2015

Working with ERIBÉ Knitwear has improved my technical skills in knitwear production greatly. I now have an appreciation of how important finishing and quality control is in producing consistent, high quality products that show care and attention to detail. The enthusiastic, creative ERIBÉ team have made me feel valuable part of the team whilst helping me to meet the high standard that they work to. I have learned many new stitches and techniques whilst assisting in hand-finishing on some inspiring styles but, more importantly, I have learned that improved technique is not unattainable and will have no hesitation about professional finishing when putting together my final collection!

Katie Chapman

Katie Chapman: Marketing & PR Intern

Studying: BA (Hons) Combined Studies (Fashion Management and Retail with Textile Design), Heriot-Watt University, Galashiels Campus
Work Placement: June - August 2015

A day in the life of an ERIBÉ Marketing & PR Intern...

By 9am I am at my desk, ready to continue my Trade Customer Master Acquisition updating project. Within an hour, I am thinking on my feet as a team member needs me to send a mail-out to specific customers during their maximum penetration time-frames. I am then free to return to my project until after lunch, when I need to upload product photos to our website via our Content Management System (CMS) Magento. Simultaneously, I am helping the tea – who are in production – by answering the phone, talking to a hand-knitter needing more yarn and someone with an upcoming trade fair discussing ERIBÉ’s potential presence. Before I know it, it is 3:30pm and I have just enough time to round off the day by applying my knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop suite to today’s ERIBÉ online blog post.

Each day has thrown new challenges my way, and has required flexibility, but I would like to thank the ERIBÉ team for their continuous support and culture of inclusivity

Catherine Hounam

Catherine Hounam: General Intern

Studying: HND Retail Management at Edinburgh College
Work Placement: Summer 2015

My internship at ERIBÉ was filled with lots of different and interesting jobs. I helped out with everything from the production of garments, stock taking to organising yarn to be sent out to hand knitters. I enjoyed setting up the studio for clients who came to view our most recent collection. Everyone at ERIBÉ is so friendly and create a wonderful atmosphere to work in. ERIBÉ is such an interesting, original brand with the most amazing garments and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to work as part of their team, even if it was for a short period of time. 

Renee Jones - Marketing Intern - ERIBE Knitwear

Reneé Jones: Marketing & PR Intern

Studying: BA Fashion Marketing and Retailing at Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: May & June 2015

As I am about to graduate with a Fashion Marketing degree, I wanted to put my knowledge into practise by doing an internship – and I was lucky enough to be invited along to ERIBÉ. Working there has been such a great experience. I got to help edit the website, update the company’s CRM system, research new customers and generally help out with everyday tasks. I was also involved in ERIBÉ’s A/W 2016 trend research by doing a competitor analysis. My work was used to help the design team at their seasonal design meeting and I received positive feedback about my work. Interning at ERIBÉ has been about more than making tea (although that is a big part of the culture there!) I have actually got to feel like I am making a difference and helping the company. Thanks ERIBÉ!

Lyndsay McCann - ERIBE Marketing & PR Intern

Lyndsay McCannMarketing & PR Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Fashion Marketing & Retailing, Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: April 2015

ERIBÉ was such a lovely environment to work and learn in. Everyone was so kind and helpful, each day was a delight. My tasks related with the marketing side of business, helping and working alongside Veronique. I provided support throughout the company I performed general tasks such as stock taking, answering calls from customers, uploading press contacts into mailing list, and inputting data into CRM system. I now understand the effort that goes into a real company to make it function. It has been a great learning experience. I thank the staff at ERIBÉ for a most insightful and enjoyable internship. 

Sarah Neville - Marketing & PR InternSarah Neville: Marketing & PR Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Printed Design for Textiles, Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: January - March 2015

I loved the atmosphere at ERIBÉ, everyone was great to work, and talk with, and I always looked forward to my days here!

I helped everyone out with general tasks alongside learning some marketing skills. It was great experience getting to see what goes on during production and learning the different stages garments have to go through. As a printer, I'm pleased to come away with a deeper understanding into knitting and have enjoyed the experience of being a part of a real working environment, learning the importance of teamwork and passion which is so strong at ERIBÉ. 

Hayley Lister Draper - ERIBE Hand-Knit Intern

Hayley Lister Draper: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Textile Design For Fashion & Interiors, Bath Spa University, Bath
Work Placement: June - October 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed interning at ERIBÉ; I have gained a much wider understanding of what it is like to work professionally in the textile industry. While working on cable trellis mitts I got to see the whole production process. This stretched from the winding of yarn to send to hand-knitters all the way through to the tagging, bagging and dispatching to the customer. Having such a supportive helpful team to work with has made my experience with the company fantastic. I have learnt a lot about the design process of the collections produced at ERIBÉ that will help me with my own design work as return to university for my final year.

Lois Donohoe - ERIBE Hand-Knit Intern

Lois Donohoe: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Design for Textiles, Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: May - July 2015

My time at ERIBÉ has been enlightening and inspirational for me. The team at ERIBÉ have been so helpful in every task and always encouraging. I have learnt many techniques used in hand-knit production including fixing, labelling, finishing and quality checking. I have been privileged to be involved in Pringle private label work and preparation for the Commonwealth Games which have provided me with great insight in quality knitting as well as working with Lambswool, Puno and Cotton. The skills I have learnt throughout this experience will aid me in my future; through my degree and pursuing knitwear as a chosen pathway.

Hazel Simpson - Knitwear Intern

Hazel Simpson: Hand-Knit & Archive Intern

Studying: University of Huddersfield, Textile Craft BA (Hons)
Work Placement: September 2013 – February 2014 

As ERIBÉ was my first placement of the year I could not have asked for a more welcoming place to start. I have had plenty of valuable hands on experience and from what I have learnt here I know it will help me and strengthen my practice in the future. As a small company they have shown me an amazing example of how a small business can thrive with a strong team and vision. My first few months was spent in the production side and have seen the whole process of a garment from start to finish, from design, to knitting and selling.

I have had gained knowledge in new hand knitting techniques; processes that are invaluable. For the rest of my time at ERIBÉ I worked on the swatch archive then progressed to the garment and accessory archive, I really enjoyed this and used my interest in archiving to its full advantage, and help to implement a more user friendly system.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and would just like to say. Thank you for the experience ERIBÉ has given me in the knitwear industry.

Marjo Hanhisalo - Knitwear InternMarjo Hanhisalo: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA Textile Design, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Work Placement: June - September 2013

I learned a lot during my internship at ERIBÉ. I got to witness the journey of a design from a cone of wool to the finished garment and all the stages in between. Summer was very busy production time at ERIBÉ and I got a lot of valuable hands on experience. I learned about the importance of the quality control and garment finishing, but also where the inspiration for the collections comes from. I was especially happy about the opportunity to gain knowledge about hand-knitting.

My tasks varied from garment finishing and steaming to order checking and knitting samples. I also got to take part in ERIBÉ events at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and Hand-Knitters Tea Party at Jenners of Edinburgh and also assist on a photoshoot.  During my four months at ERIBÉ, I very much felt I was part of the team and enjoyed lot learning from these talented people.

Lesley Paul - Knitwear InternLesley Paul: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA in Textile Design, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee
Work Placement: May - August 2013

This was my first internship and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start than ERIBÉ.  I received a very warm welcome from all of the girls at ERIBÉ and everyone was really helpful and friendly.  Not only was I lucky enough to have a placement with them for the majority of the summer, I was also fortunate enough to be involved in a variety of tasks that I didn’t expect to be involved in. Some of these included; reading and following specification sheets, recording measurements of garments and accessories, mending garments and so much more. I learned a great amount and didn’t expect to be doing such a variety of different things!

During the placement, I worked very closely with the whole design and production team.  Working so closely with such an experienced group of girls allowed me to gain a lot of information from different members of staff relating to different topics such as marketing, networking, brand identity and various other business related topics.

My placement here has given me the opportunity to further develop my skills as a textile designer, improve my hand-knitting skills and given me an insight into the knitwear area of business. It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the close-knit ERIBÉ team!

Laura Noorits - Marketing & PR InternLaura Noorits: Marketing & PR Intern

Studying: Msc International Fashion Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Work Placement: May - July 2013

Interning at ERIBÉ has been a wonderful experience filled with lovely people. The atmosphere is very welcoming and team ERIBÉ is always helpful. My tasks related with the marketing and PR side of the business, working alongside my manager Veronique.

I provided administrative support, conducted market research and helped out with press liaison in order to promote the new collection. This provided me with the opportunity to contrast what I have learned on my course with the daily life of a fashion business, and understand the functioning of a real company. I was also happy to use my language skills for professional purposes. Whilst my experience was a short one, it was definitely insightful and one to remember fondly.

Leise Jaedig - Knitwear InternLeise Jaedig: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA in Textile Design, Handicraft and Communication, Håndarbejdets Fremme, Copenhagen
Work Placement: August - December 2012

Interning at ERIBÉ has been a fantastic opportunity for me to gain some experience in the knitwear business. It’s been so rewarding to work with this close team of lovely people that are truly passionate about their jobs. Being here for four months gave me the opportunity of watching a whole collection grow from ideas to finished products, a process that has been exciting to be part of, and has taught me a lot. My tasks have varied from working on the early development of hand-knit patterns and colour placement, to knitting swatches, samples, to making the final finishings on garments and accessories. Other tasks have included sorting and photographing ERIBÉ’s vast swatch archive and working on a purse project with both design and specification sheets for the factory.

My internship has given me some invaluable insight in the knitwear business, and the whole machinery of people that is behind every single product. This is something one could never have grasped from just studying textile design, and I am so grateful to have gotten this experience.

Lucy Gillon - Knitwear InternLucy Gillon: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Textile Design, F.I.A Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: July 2012

Interning for ERIBÉ Knitwear was something I had expected to enjoy, after interning for a month I loved it more than I could ever have predicted. Some of my many tasks were helping to reorganise their stock, and labelling their garments and accessories.

Excitingly, I was also involved in their current innovation project, I was given the opportunity to knit samples to assist them the team in deciding on suitable patterns. This included everything from researching ideas, creating mood-boards, to plying our own yarns to the actual knitting. Every day, even stressful days, were filled with laughter from the whole of the ERIBÉ team. Everyone is very supportive, energetic, and lovely. I cannot thank them enough for the experience and education received.

Sarah Massie - Marketing & PR InternSarah Massie: Marketing & PR Intern

Studying: Msc International Fashion Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
Work Placement: June - August 2012

Working at ERIBÉ during the summer was a fantastic opportunity to gain marketing experience in such an engaging environment. It was wonderful to work alongside such a welcoming and passionate group of individuals. During my internship I mostly worked alongside Veronique, the Marketing Manager, providing support for a great variety of tasks, gaining an insight into the diverse range of marketing activities. My responsibilities included; market research, researching, communicating with press contacts, editing sections of the website, interpreting email and newsletter statistics and helping with other aspects of the business, such as supporting Veronique with the creation of sales books. It was great to be able to relate theory that I learned at university to a real scenario. My time at ERIBÉ has given me valuable experience to pursue a future career in Fashion Marketing.

Katy Radford - Knitwear InternKaty Radford: Design Intern

Studying: BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles, Nottingham Trent University
Work Placement: October 2011 - April 2012

I had a warm welcome at ERIBÉ, it was delightful being able to work with such a engaging, close-knit team of girls who’s passion for the business really shines through. I came to ERIBÉ at a exciting point in the company’s development, I was able to follow the cycle of the collection from design & development all the way through to production and selling. My time at ERIBÉ has given me the opportunity to expand my skills as a designer, refine my hand skills and further my knowledge of knitwear software and manufacture. My placement at ERIBÉ has been vital in helping me advance towards my future career in knitwear.

Scott Bramley - Knitwear InternScott Bramley: Hand-Knit Intern

Studying: BA (HONS) Textile Design, Heriot-Watt University, Scottish Borders
Work Placement: Summer 2011

I have done so much on this placement; including researching and contacting new yarn and spinning companies, tagging and bagging product correctly ready for shipping to shops, photographing samples, and learning about stock management on the computer. One of the most gratifying responsibilities I had was to look into designing some hats for the upcoming spring collection, where I worked sketching ideas, which then became ERIBÉ samples to be sent out to buyers, fingers crossed they provide some good orders.       

There were also days away from the studio which were all great, such as a look around the university degree show, and a trip to Cumbria to visit Woolfest where I met some of the yarn companies I’d contacted. I was often at Caerlee Mill in Innerleithen, one of the factories ERIBÉ works to experience full scale knitwear production and where I packed crates, worked on paris presses steaming accessories, and checked stock. I am so thankful to have had the wonderful experience I have had with ERIBÉ, I really have learned so much about the knitwear business, and am really inspired by everything ERIBÉ!

Scott is now full-time on the ERIBÉ team as a Knitwear Designer.