Yarn Forward II - Ocean Terminal

5th Dec 2014

ERIBE - Yarn Forward - Limited Edition Store - Ocean Terminal

11am - 3.30pm

Saturday 13th December

Ocean Terminal, 98 Ocean Drive, Leith, EH6 6JJ


Scotland and knitting are intertwined!

Come along to ERIBÉ Knitwear’s in-store creative hand-knitting workshop to learn a new skill, discover Scotland’s knitting history and shop our exquisite knitwear at Limited Edition pop-up shop, Ocean Terminal.

You can get involved with fun knitting activities like pom pom making and finger knitting, whilst learning about natural fibres. Suitable for all ages and abilities, materials will be provided.

Why not bring your own knitting projects along too…

A ‘cottage industry gone global’, ERIBÉ is a knitwear design house and manufacturer based in the Scottish Borders. ERIBÉ is considered one of the largest hand-knitting companies in Europe. The ERIBÉ team are world-renowned experts in hand-knitting and are committed to keeping the craft alive through their collections and public workshops.



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